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        Company profile

        SUZHOU SKY PRINTING FACTORY At present, there are about 100 employees working , among which 5% are executive managers and 15% are technical and research team members. The company owns a 10000-square-meter production plant and all kinds of advanced production equipment and quality inspection equipment, including Apple Mac design platform, Kodak CTP pre-printing sample system,Roland type 700, Komori six-color printing machine, Heidelberg four-color printing machine and other kinds of production machines for color printing. In addition, the company was also equipped with a series of post-production equipment, including auto-cutting machine, hot stamping machine, surface treatment equipment and auto-paste machine.

        provides a series of integrated product-packaging solution, including gift boxes, color boxes, luxury boxes, self adhesive labels, packaging bags ,color tags, PVC, PET and gold & silver cards. At the same time, also provides its clients with value-added services including creative design service, professional R&D service, integrated production service, auto-mass production service, multiregional operation service and immediate delivery service.

        By working with GMI (Graphic Measures International) we at SoOPAK are able to regulate and oversee global color consistency in order to meet the demands for high quality printing from our customers. At SoOPAK, we can ensure that global color standards are met and that brand owners can come to expect consistency and accuracy in their packaging.

        Since the establishment, has always kept its Customers and its services at the first place. used its scientific management to gain trusts and satisfactions: on the one hand, keeps exploring the market and inspecting its management structure and policy control; on the other hand, emphasizes its spirit to be an honest, effective, creative and integrated modern company.